Rebecca Murdock
Art + Design


Aspiring to Pumpkin’s Love, the Love in My Heart

Yayoi Kusama
David Zwirner Gallery NYC

Three massive painted bronze undulating pumpkin sculptures, each titled ‘Aspiring to Pumpkin’s Love, the Love in My Heart’, debuting a new form that transfigures the organic pumpkin shapes Kusama has reimagined over several decades.

These wall-like structures situate viewers in a space that envelops them in her characteristic polka dots.

Cloud Display

Cloud display is an 8 meter wide vertical fountain containing 1600 atomizers that serve as pixels which display words through voice detection.

This piece is part of Lozano-Hemmer’s touring show “Atmospheric Memory” and has been installed in Manchester, UK in 2019 and at UN North Carolina, USA in 2021.

SoftwareCaroline Record
Industrial Design, Engineering and Project Management: Rebecca Murdock
Electronics: Stephan Schulz, Pipo Pierre Louis
Production support: Pierre Fournier, Fred Monast

123 Series

Rebecca Murdock

The 123 Aluminum side table is recyclable, durable and locally sourced in Quebec. 

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, durable and a large natural resource in Quebec. It is composed of 3 laser cut parts, a cost and labour effective method of fabrication. Its flat pack design reduces packaging waste and cost whilst optimizing transportation. It requires no hardware to assemble.
The spirit of this project is to honor each participant, not only the end user, but the designer, fabricators, shippers and environment by faciliating each of their respective experiences.

Materials: Anodized Aluminum
H: 20 cm W:50 cm L:50cm

First issued at The Letter Bet Gallery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2022

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Sphere Packing: Bach

Sphere Packing: Bach is a spherical room 3 metres in diameter which has 1,128 loudspeakers, each of which plays a different composition by Johann Sebastian Bach. All of the speakers are pointed at the centre of the room and they fire the totality of his life’s work onto the public.

This piece premiered as a part of Lozano-Hemmer’s show “Unstable Presence” the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal (MAC) in 2018. It has since been shown at MARCO in Monterrey, MX in 2019 and at SFMOMA in 2020.

Project management, industrial design and engineering: Rebecca Murdock, Generique Design
Software: Stephan Schulz
Electronics: Stephan Schulz, Pipo  Pierre-Louis
Production and Installation Support : Pierre Fournier, Frederic Monast, Jesse Morrison, Matthew Palmer, Carolina Murillo-Morales, Leo Maraviglia, Orion Szydel
Photos: Robert Skinner, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Guy L’Heureux

Seawheeze Race Medal

For the 2021 edition of SeaWheeze, Lululemon wanted to commemorate the popular races’ 10th year anniversary with a special medal to honor their participants around the world.

I was tasked to design two medals, one for their half marathon and one for their 5K run. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the production of the medal did not occur.